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Bridal Bedroom Set Price in Pakistan

Looking for unique and designer bridal bedroom set furniture in Pakistan? Look no further than Furniture 4 US. We have premiere furniture collection for Pakistani weddings and furnishings, offering a wide range of products from bed sets to nightstands to dressing tables. With our easy-to-use website, you can browse through our selection and find the perfect pieces of bridal bedroom set furniture to make your wedding day special. other wise you can visit our showroom which is Located at Nursery Furniture Market P.E.C.H.S Karachi, Pakistan.

Bridal Bed Set

Bedroom Set 8868 With Wardrobe


Bedroom Set 8866 With Wardrobe


Bedroom Set 2008 With Wardrobe


Bedroom Set 8870 With Wardobe


Bedroom Set 8872 With Wardrobe


Bedroom Set 8873 With Wardrobe


Bedroom Set 8818 With Wardrobe


Bedroom Set 8878 With Wardrobe


Bedroom Set With Dressing 01


Bedroom Set With Dressing 02


Bedroom Set With Dressing 03


Bedroom Set With Dressing 04


Bedroom Set With Dressing 05


Bedroom Set Wit Dressing 06


Bedroom Set With Wardrobe 07


Bedroom Set 26


Bedroom Set With Wardrobe 08


Bedroom Set 24


Bedroom Set 23


Bedroom Set 22


Sofa Set

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Bridal Bedroom Set Furniture

There are many types of bridal bedroom sets that you can find in Karachi, Pakistan depending on your budget and needs. You can find sets with or without beds, and with or without storage spaces. Some sets come with matching nightstands and dressers, while others include only the bed frame. we have so many beautiful designs in our collection, and each one can help make your life royal from simple.

There are mentioned different types of bridal bedroom set furniture in Pakistan.

King Bed Set in Pakistan

Another popular choice for a bride, a king bed offers more space than a queen bed. if you looking any big size of bed set so you can go for kind bed set without any more research it will be reliable for you.

Queen Bed Set in Pakistan

A traditional and popular choice for a bride, a queen bed set. it offers plenty of space for resting. but queen bed set is far small than King bed.

Twin Bed Set in Pakistan

A twin bed might be the best option for you. Twin bed are larger than single bed and offer two people to relax.

Sofa Bed Set in Pakistan

A sofa bed is perfect if you don’t have much space in your bedroom and just want somewhere to sleep. Sofa bed can become sofa when you want and, it can also be bed whenever you want to sleep. Its also come with many designs and sizes. but mostly users not prefer sofa bed set as a bridal bed set.

Dressers & Wardrobes

Dressers and wardrobes can be essential pieces of furniture in any home. They can store clothes, sheets, towels, and other items necessary for a comfortable living space. However, not all dressers are created equal. Some are better suited for storing smaller items while others are designed for holding more substantial items. It’s important to choose the right one for your needs, whether you need a small dresser or a large one.

when you decide to buy dressers or wardrobes it’s important to consider the size and shape of the item. Many people prefer Wardrobes with several drawers as they can organize clothing more efficiently. Others may prefer Wardrobes with fewer but larger drawers as they can store more clothes without having to search through them constantly. It’s also important to consider the type of wood the dresser or wardrobe is made from. Wooden wardrobes tend to last longer than metal or plastic ones and are warmer in winter months.


A mirror can be used to admire yourself while you’re getting ready or grooming. There are many different types and styles of mirrors, so find one that will complements your bedroom set and fit your needs. we can say that mirror is the essential equipment for your bridal bedroom set without mirror we can say that your bridal bedroom set is incomplete.